AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,
psykoboy2 long overdue.

And in more ways than one.

We'll start with my life in general. Everything is rolling along rather well. And I’ve actually held off on posting since I have seen so many on my friends list not having the best of holidays – I didn’t wanna just roll in and make it seem as though I was rubbing it in or something.

Christmas was fantastic, one of the better ones since my parents died. For the first time in like 6 years, I actually decorated the house and put up a tree. And another first, I actually had gifts under the damn thing.

My bedroom has been a bit redecorated, again for the first time since Kelly was here in 03. The main entertainment room got a bit shuffled around due to the tree and that was also a first since 02. I’ve got pictures I need to post of all of these things as well. Hell, I have pics from Halloween that I haven’t even put up yet.

This past weekend was a nice one also. Lots of friend, lots of drinking and New Year’s Eve spent listening to music being streamed from my PC to the Xbox 360 in the main room. Lots of fun there. However, it started off with a long session of Guitar Hero for PS2.

Seriously, if yer gonna get the game, buy it from Red Octane’s website and get the 2 guitar bundle. Playing is better with friends and that couldn’t be more true than with this game. We did that for a good 2 hours and I’ve gotten better at the game because of it. I’m really amazed at how far I have come with that game. Seeing the notes on some of the harder songs during my first play through really intimidated me and I figured I could never really get the hang of it. Well, just goes to show that practice makes perfect.

A few weeks ago I beat my first 360 game – Kameo. It was a nice one to start off with, but I don’t really see myself playing it much more now that it’s done. However, it’s a great game to show off to people and really give them a good idea of what the 360 can do. Other games will eventually show up that can do this but for now, I’ll keep it mainly for that reason alone.

This weekend I also beat Shadow Of The Colossus. That was a sad one to beat. While scaling the last of the giant beasts I was realizing that I’d never do this again and feel as I do now about it. It’ll never feel new again. And as I stabbed the head of this mammoth and he shook to get me off of him, I took my time on the death blow. I crawled my character back down to his hand, stabbed it, and he lifted his hand up to look at whatever was there causing the prick. From there, I went back to his head and made my final move. The end sequence on this game is one all games should live up to. In all, from the death of the final colossus to the last credit, it’s about a 30 minute ending or so it felt. Very nice, and very befitting of such a game.

Finally, there’s my job. You know, I like what I do. I do a lot of what I do and when this place got bought out a year or so ago, I wasn’t worried I would lose my job so much as I was worried that nothing would change. I’d continue to wear a whole lot of hats and get paid for only wearing one. Well, that all changes this year. Beginning this month, I’ll finally be getting paid something worth working for. It changes my outlook on things and on myself. It was a large raise. Very large. I don’t know if someone told them I was unhappy or that I was looking for another place to work, but they responded as such and that’s all that really matters. It should be a very good year – both in my job and in my personal life.

And I hope the very same for all of you.
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