AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I'm sick with sinuses and my cough has seemingly returned due to it. Headaches run rampant when the sinus pressure builds.

I'm currently stuck at work bored out of my goddamn fucking head. When I am frustrated and aggrivated - I swear. It's my way of staying calm. Within the profanity, I seek my own sanity.

Jesus, look what the fuck happens when I sit here bored with a fucking headache.

I just coughed snot in my hand. How sexy am I now? How sexy was I before?

Being sick, thanksgiving fucking sucked ass. I saw my aunt and others. Planned on getting to the lake house early that morning, but woke up groggy as all hell. Made it there by noon. I wasn't pleased with myself for that. We ate, and then I slept on their couch till I had to leave. Didn't really spend much time with them while I was awake. I wasn't pleased with myself for that either.

Headed then over to a friends house (Mike & Kelly - for those of you who know) where other friends joined (Dana & James, Ben & Kim & Lee - again, for those of you who know).

I just coughed snot in my hand. Again.

Anyway, by that time and after the nap, I'd gotten a bit of energy back. Said "happy birthday" to Kim and gave her gift to her. We all did.

I'm thinking about quitting my job.

Then again, I do that all the time at this point in the year.

Go me for staying on track with predictability.

Fucking snot.
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