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So, I've now gone through 211 out of the 323 pictures that were taken. And I've gotten lots of great comments about the ones posted so far.

I've also gotten a few comments on my "seats". I quote that cause they really aren't seats when it's GA on the floor. Standing room only down there.

I have to explain a few things first.

I'm a big fan of this band. I'm not a "travel around the country" type of fan, but I'm willing to do what it takes whenever they come to a town close by to get as close as I can. I got in Atlanta on Friday and got down the the arena at about 3pm that afternoon. I was number 356 in the line waiting to get in.

Now, the stage is set up like this:

By the way, I didn't take that shot. Anyway, you have a small area inside the "ellipse" and then the rest of the floor seating on the outside. Last tour, the stage was similar and you were able to get inside of it by just making sure you were one of the 350 to make it in - first come, first serve sort of thing.

This tour, it was different. It was a lottery. Everyone who had a general admission ticket had their ticket scanned by a computer that would randomly select who got inside the ellipse. Were it you, then you could bring a friend in with you.

On Friday night, my ticket did not get picked by the lottery. So, it was just by pure luck to get as close as I could on the outside of the ellipse.

Not too bad, I guess...could be a bit better, but I wasn't complaining. I was, however, preparing for Saturday's show. Saturday, I got up at 5am, showered and whatever, and then made my way to the arena by 6am. When I arrived, I was 60th in line. I then waited for the rest of the day, outside in the cold to get in. Not bad by other's standards - people who'd left the show last night and got right in line with their tents and sleeping bags for the next night's performance. Anyhow, I made a deal with a girl who was 13th or so in line and we agreed to take the other should we make it inside the ellipse. Well, she made it in and I did too.

I found a picture that skylark74 had posted.

So yeah, more pics to come soon.
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