AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Posted some random shots along with pics from last night's little birthday gathering over at my photo journal - picturepage - although please keep in mind, since you might think I posted pics of'd be all wrong there.

Last night was great...had a wonderful home cooked dinner and had an awesome cake. I got the Batman Begins DVD, a flat iron for my hair, a batman begins t-shirt (not yet able to wear it, but I'll get there), a framed picture of the group of us at Six Flags, and a nice framed picture of me and my 4 closest friends from the wedding (great job intimations - could you perhaps email that shot to me please?).

The pics you can see at the other journal, but I wanted to at least show off Dana's (zisforzillah) amazing cake she made for me.

Click Me.

Oh, and this is for mattg.
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