AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

This time next week, barbequed_alien and pookim21 will be married and on vacation and I will be playing "Burnout Revenge".

I say that I win on that one, but both of them will say otherwise. Regardless of it all, "Burnout Revenge" will finally be on store shelves this time next week. Those of you who have played the demo will hopefully head out and pick up a copy. Those of you with an Xbox might want to check out this month's issue of OXM - Official Xbox Magazine - as their demo disk has Burnout Revenge on it.

Me...well, I'm contemplating taking some vacation time to enjoy it. Then again, I may just take a day and save up my time for a visit "across the pond" to Criterion studios....if they would ever write me back and let me know if they do those kinds of things.

By the way, I've registered to win this from EB Games and EA.

Most of the rest of this week will be spent fleshing out the final draft of the "script" of eveything I am supposed to say at their wedding on Saturday.

Then it's preparation for the trip to Six Flags later this month. Those of you going, we'll have a full 12 people attending this year - more than I have ever gone with before to something like this. Still trying to finalize plans for Saturday and what we'll do, but more on that to come later on.

The weight loss has been on track this week, even though my routine exercise has not due to being sick. Still, the pounds keep coming off and this week should mark the point where I hit a loss of 50 lbs.

none of this is difficult
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