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Just got this in at the radio station:

The making of a GIANT
Be a part of history in the making as Six Flags Over Georgia makes the biggest announcement in three decades!

August 23, 2005– Six Flags Over Georgia is preparing to unleash a GIANT in 2006. This much-anticipated monster will be the biggest news since the park’s grand opening in 1967. Join park management for a brief press conference at the park on September 1 and be the first to witness the making of a GIANT.

The skyline of Six Flags Over Georgia is about to change in a GIANT way.


More digging and here's what was found:

(11/1/04) While it’s too far away to know if this rumor will hold true or not, we’ve heard that a new major ride, likely a coaster, is in the long term plan for 2006.

(1/21/05) The rumors for a tall hyper coaster are back once again, with the entrance possibly being placed into the USA section of the park.

(3/14/05) The rumors are back on for a coaster in the USA section of the park in 2006 once again. And as we’ve heard for the past several years, the big talk is for a B&M Hypercoaster. So the question is, will it finally happen next year? Six Flags has reported that they will increase spending at their parks next year which is a good sign and there is also a rumor that Six Flags may also have bought three B&M coasters for 2006 as well, but at this point there is no telling exactly where they may go for sure.

(3/21/05) While the B&M rumor may be sticking for the time being, we’ve heard another rumor about replacing Ninja with a B&M Floorless with a custom layout.

(5/27/05) Our latest rumor updates claim that Ninja isn’t going anywhere just yet, but the park may still be planning on adding a new coaster next season. Stay tuned!

(6/27/05) Several sources report that early ground work for the new coaster may have started outside the park. It seems the ponds in front of the entrance has been drained and a few trees have been removed. In another report we’ve heard rumors that a few rides could be removed from the USA area to make way for the coaster including the Looping Starship and Great Gasp.

Ride Removal - (8/5/05) In addition to the announcement about the removal of the Great Gasp, readers who went to the park over the last couple of days have noticed that they have started to remove the Looping Starship as well. No word yet on if it may just be moved to a new location or if it will be removed as well.

(7/1/05) The latest rumor we’ve heard from a guest at the park claims that they spotted a construction flag/marker “under the loading platform” of the Looping Starship that was labeled “Station1”.

(7/18/05) A red plastic construction net barrier has been placed around the construction site across the street from the park’s main entrance along with some construction equipment now placed on site.

(8/8/05) You can see the latest construction photos showing off the ground work outside the park as well as the start of the demolition to the Looping Starship site at the Forums.

(8/12/05) In a local news video about the closing of the Great Gasp, they mention that it will be replaced by “Starship” next year. No... not the band... and they don’t have any details about what Starship is, but at this point it seems a sure thing that it’s got to be a damn big coaster of some kind. We’re still hoping it will be a B&M Hyper, something the park has been wanting for years. Here’s another article about the removal of the Gasp.

(8/19/05) The rumor mill is working overtime about the new coaster, leaking rumors about everything from underground tunnels, impossible height limits and a new style of B&M launch. More acceptable details so far however seem to indicate that the ride will likely be just under 200 feet in height, with an out and back layout to the front of the park and back, and there have been several reports claiming that it will pass very close or through the structure of the Georgia Scorcher either on the way out or back.

Goliath - Under Construction - (8/24/05) A teaser sent out to the local media seems to have given away the name of the new ride... Goliath. We also received what looks like the possible plans to the new hypercoaster placed over some site images taken from Google Earth. One shows off the likely placement of the layout over a photo of the real site while the other shows a size comparison to the GASM to try and estimate the length of Goliath. The official press conference is scheduled for September 1st.

A coaster named "Goliath" from another park:

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