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In response to development on Big Brother 6 (i.e. the veto this week and what was done with it):


If you look around LJ a bit, you can read of people giving up on watching now. Comparing one team in the house to that of the Bush Administration.

Yeah, so, after Jen swore on all things seemingly holy that she would put up 2 from her own team and then backdoor James, she went and put up 2 of their team and not hers.

Then there was the PoV and Rachel won it. That was on Saturday. So, the veto meeting was held today and well, she did what anyone on the block would do after winning Veto - she took herself off.

The plan was then to put James on the block and get him out. This deal was set in motion early last week when Howie nominated James and Sarah.

So, Jen did what anyone as HOH would do - she lied and put up Kayser.

Now, this makes for some interesting television and not because of the drama in the house, but the drama for CBS.

Last week America was given the chance to vote someone back in the house. Kayser was one of the choices. It was revealed on Thurday's show that nearly 4 Million people voted and Kayser had about 82% of that vote. So, 82% of 4 million people wanted him back on Television, and now there is a chance he could be off the air again - which has led some to say they will not watch anymore once he is gone.

Will CBS let things be and go ahead as planned with whatever they had planned? Or does this change their set up and make for creative competitions and twists in order to keep him in the house?

A twist used on the UK edition of the show was this:

One week, after the nominations were announced, the twist came and it turned out that the people up for eviction were actually the safe ones. Those two were then granted the power of evicting one of the remaining house guests.

Guess we'll see.
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