AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Big Brother 6 update again:

Well, it's over. Seemed to last about 13 hours. Probably a BB record there.

Here's what went down:

After the last update I posted, Ivette was the next to go. Apparently she toched the box with her other hand and BB called her out on it. She picked a box that contained an air horn. No one really liked that.

3 new rules came down from BB:

1. Do not touch the glass.
2. Do not squat - must stay in an upright position
3. Do not close your eyes longer than 3 seconds.

James was next by pretty much doing the same thing as Ivette. Not sure on his box though and what he got. EDIT - He got a pizza

Maggie followed - no real details other than she's gone. EDIT - She got dead fish.

Rachel was next - no real details here, either. EDIT - She got Netflix too.

Down to Jen and Kayser....not much drama here to tell or anything, but we do know who won HOH:

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