AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Here's my take on the Burnout Revenge demo.

First off, as it's been pointed out to me numerous times, this is an early build of the game - months behind where the devs are right now with it. These views do not represent what will be the final build of the game and the one we buy off store shelves come September.

With that being said, this demo isn't bad, but from those who've played more current versions, this demo is crap to them. And let me tell you, if this demo is crap - the final game should blow yer fucking mind.

The first thing you'll notice is the setting. You don't see the sky all that much from previous games. Tall brown buildings and what not keep things pretty much blocked and you pretty much trapped from movement. The other thing you'll first notice is the beauty of the car and the reflections coming off the hood of it. Beauty, folks.

You start in an alley in fourth place and unlike Burnout 3's demo, you start in-motion. It isn't a hard start like the last demo from Burnout 3. Right from the get go, you are able to try out your new superhero ability - "running into shit". Yep, see a parked car, hit it. You won't crash, go ahead and hit it. Also at this same time, you'll be given the opportunity to perform a new takedown method: Vertical Takedowns.

Vertical takedowns are just what they mean - a crash from above. And there is ample opportunity for this to take place. In just this one track you get with the demo, there are more jumps in place than in the entire race mode of Burnout 3. I remember during a race just last night, I'd just gotten ahead of the pack and the finish line was just around the corner. For a change, I took the low road thinking that the ramp I just passed would probably slow me down. I look up to the right hand corner and still see I am in first. Suddenly, the camera changes to show this other car land on top of me. I was in first-person mode and had no clue what was going on. I ended up placing 3rd. At that very same place from a race the other night, I was fighting for first and we both took the last large ramp just before the finish line. The ramp flattens out at the top and then extends further to where it just drops off at the edge. So, we're on the extension fighting for first place when I cause a takedown and the camera changes to a view from under us as we go flying off the ramp - my opponent going off upside down.

An off shot of your ability to "run into shit" is traffic checking. You have the ability to ram into traffic that is in your lane with the exception of buses and very big trucks. Oncoming and cross-traffic is still off limits and will cause you to crash - but that isn't such a bad thing. More on that in just a bit, but back to traffic checking, when you slam these other cars or trucks at full speed, these poor saps just get sent rocketing forwards like a bowling ball, with pretty much the same effect. You can cause takedowns with this method as well - although it seems no matter what, if a rival car just even slightly touches a car you have hit with a "traffic check", it's an automatic takedown. Even though if rival cars check other traffic and you hit whatever they have hit, you just fly right through with no problem, they are never as lucky.

Speaking of rival cars, the AI is different and better. During Burnout 3, I started noticing that once I had a lead, there was no stopping me. Sure, I might wreck, but then I was able to avoid that and well, the challenge was gone. The rival pack just couldn't keep up. Not so in this demo. They keep up and if you wreck they will get a lead and a big one. Catching up isn't too hard, but if you wreck late, you'll never be able to place first. Second maybe, but not first. Fortunately for you, if you do wreck, you have ample opportunity to get revenge with aftertouch, like in Burnout 3, and another of your new superhero abilites - "blowing shit up".

Watch any episode of "The A-Team" or some action movies from the 80s and at least one thing will stick out: If a car wrecks, it must explode. That rule holds true in Burnout Revenge due to the "crashbreaker" being involved in races this go round. Now, it's been made clear that when the final version comes out, there will be special crashbreaker races that appear later in the game, but at start, you won't have this ability. For this demo, you can use the ability no matter how much boost you have when you wreck and you can do it over and over again. For the demo, this helps early on and you can intentionally wreck into a pole or whatever and explode yourself causeing 3 cars behind you to be taken down. This will give you max boost. Although, it isn't really too much fun since it will get you way ahead of the pack and again, challenge gone.

The demo is only one track, one car, and one lap - just like last year with Burnout 3. However, unlike last year, this track is much bigger and there are multiple pathways to take, some less dangerous than others. Personally, I pretty much stay on track since that is where the traffic is.

The sound is different from last year as well. Useing boost is more dramatic in noise and sounds like the afterburner of a fighter jet kicking in and then the more it's used nonstop, the higher the pitch goes and just sounds like your car is about to explode from speed. Not to mention the crashbreaker explosions. Jesus. I made the mistake of playing the game loud and then fired off a crashbreaker - "wow" was all I could say. It's huge.

I love this demo. And it's going to keep me occupied for an entire month or so till the game is released sometime in September. And like I said, if the devs are saying the demo is crap, then I can't wait for what's to come.
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