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Well, first off here are my superhero animation DVDs. I picked up the Batman/Superman movie, the Batman: Animated Series: SubZero, also got a four episode collection of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker: Uncut Edition. Basically, Paul Dini & Bruce Timm (executive producers of all four) are the god of animation when it comes to comic book characters. The writing is just great on all of them.

Next is Spawn, and no not that shitty live-action film they made. Sorry, but that film is crap compared to the writing and story involved in this animated series that had a 3 season run on HBO. Folks, this is Spawn. This is how you should know this character and his world. Not that crap film. This collection has all three seasons and a fourth disc of extras.

This next set is as follows:
Ultimate Fights - A compilation disc of fight scenes from films over the years.

Romeo+Juliet - Hope it's good, cause I've never seen it. Baz directed, not that I am expecting to see Moulin Rouge here, but it's his style I like.

The Usual Suspects: Special Edition - Great film, now I just gotta get rid of my regular edition of the film.

Bull Durham: Special Edition - Another good film that I don't think I have ever watched all the way through.

Next is Evil Dead: Limited Edition: Book Of The Dead. Do I need to explain this one?

Finally, I picked up three discs from MST3K:
Manos: Hands Of Fate
Red Zone Cuba
I Accuse My Parents
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