AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

The dirtiest joke ever told.

If you saw that episode of South Park, then you've heard the joke. But well...not quite like this.

A documentary called "The Aristocrats" will be released at the end of July without any rating what so ever. Instead of going for an NC-17 rating, which is what they figure they'd get if they went to the ratings board with the film, they will now have an NR.

There is no sex, nudity, or violence in the film. Just a bunch of comedians telling the same joke over and over again. A joke that involves every imaginable form of sexual perversion including incest, scatology, bestiality and sadism.

The film came about from Penn Jillette & Paul Provenza carrying video cameras around to their friends in comedy and asking them about the joke. They didn't really set out to make a film, but ended up with some of America's best-known comics breaking taboos on camera.

The film has been booked in about 40 cities across the US in major multiplexes. The tagline: "No nudity. No violence. Unspeakable obscenity."

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