AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

E3 Awards

Best Driving Game of E3 2005 - Burnout Revenge

That's pretty much every game site's concensus right there, but here's some words from the site's themselves:

"Burnout Revenge was hands-down the best driving game throughout the entire show."

"You still drive very, very fast and wreck into cars very, very hard."

"Coming up full speed behind a family sedan and launching it forward into your opponent is just a very satisfying feeling."

"We like blowing things up. We like blowing up those who have wronged us even more."

"All the modes Criterion showed at E3 looked great, from the normal races, to the new version of the crash mode, to the brand-new traffic attack mode."

While there's the new Traffic Attack mode, it's Crash mode that's new...even though it's old. The idea is the same, but it's all new in how to go about it. I've seen video of this shit in action - it's Hollywood - it's Michael Bay directing - and it's in a video game.
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