AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

MTV sucks balls, man. Not that I was expecting something more from them, but having not watched the crap they cook up since Jackass, I guess I'd just forgotten how bad it slaps you in the face with mediocrity and sub-par at that as well. From the bad acting crowd trying to be excited for something they could care less about and just wanting to get paid, to the host asking the broadest of broad questions to some of the big wigs of Microsoft, to showing the Killers perform...twice. I gots me nothing against the Killers, cept missing how the fuck they tie in with Xbox, and why the fuck their first song felt like 10 minutes of a 24 minute program. Then again, it's Mindless TV.

Well, anyway, thank fuck for TiVo, so I can skip most all of that.
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