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FarAway, So Close....

the tears are there
about to fall
and you're not here
to see them all

you're never here
and i've come to learn
to close that door

to put behind me
all that was known
and try and hold on
to the love you showed

this solitude
i have come to know
is very much different
than just being alone

my life is changed now
because you both are gone
and each day i am dead
from being so alone

i try and think of my life
without all this sin
i try and think of my life
and all that could have been

you're beds empty now
there's nothing there
sometimes i sit
and start to stare

i'll think of you and dad
and all those times i was wrong
i miss you both so much
i wish it were i that was gone

maybe someday
that wish will come true
and i'll finally have
what was wanted by you

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