AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Another Wonderful Product

voice-over plays as scenes of the actions described play out

Are you tired of finding your underwear in your brother's room caked with protein? Sick of being groped and brushed against at weddings, funerals, Christmas, and the orgy that is the "family reunion"?

woman on screen shakes her head in agreement

Well, no more!

woman looks surprised and happy (obviously fake and overplayed)

Now there's OFF! Incest Repellent!

out stretched arm holding product comes into frame handing it to woman on screen

Keep those unwanted advancements at bay with OFF! Incest Repellent.

woman begins to spray product on her body

Just spray on OFF! Incest Repellent before a family get together and worry no more about Grandpa telling one of his old stories that ends up with his pants around his ankles and you bound and gagged reenacting his prison days during World War 2.

picture of product in a kitchen setting with logo on the right side of screen

New OFF! Incest Repellent! Now in Spring Fresh and Mountain Rain scents.

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