AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Steal-A-Soul: For Kids!

Group of school children in class in unison: "April showers bring May flowers! What do May flowers bring?! Pilgrims!!"

A man steps into frame from the left, obviously super-imposed over the image. He's good looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, mid-to-late 30s, all smile: "Kids. Aren't they great? Wasn't it fun back then when we were young? Ever wish you could go back and relive those moments of old? Well, now you can. From the makers of "Pet Translator" comes "Steal-A-Soul: For Kids!".

insert picture of product:

voiceover from same man: "Steal-A-Soul: For Kids!" works just like the original "Steal-A-Soul". With the power of your brain and the dark almighty, the device will channel the soul of any child you stare at longingly. Just as eating the flesh and insides of others grants you their soul, so does "Steal-A-Soul: For Kids!", but without the mess of cannibalism.

insert picture of product being used:

voiceover from same man: "Steal-A-Soul:For Kids!" comes in a wide variety of colors for the fashionable Soul Taker in us all. Get yours today!

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