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Burnout Revenge - Interview

Gamespot did an interview with Criterion's Alex Ward. Worth checking out in full, I have also hit some of the high points here along with 3 new screenshots behind the cut below.

"The last game was about aggression, and we're taking that to a new place with this game. When you get taken down, you're out to get that racer back. You want revenge. You could score a "revenge takedown" in B3 but it didn't really mean anything more than a regular takedown. In the new game, it does. Revenge takedowns are the best takedowns of all. The entire game progression is based around aggression."

"One of the features that definitely made it through was checking traffic. It was often confusing to some players in B3 that you could slam your rivals but you couldn't slam the traffic. We thought about it and agreed. Wouldn't it be way cooler if you could slam a taxi or van during a race, make them crash, and take someone down that way?"

*****On a personal note, I love the above idea. Great to hear that we can now treat the NPC's (sorta) as other racers.*****

"In Burnout Revenge we have something that we currently call traffic attack. This mode is the perfect marriage of the fighting and battling of the road rage mode from B3 with the instant gratification and pure carnage of crash mode. In this mode, you hit the streets alone. You race the clock. The objective is to smash into as much traffic as possible at speed. Each wreck scores you dollars. Pileups and multiple wrecks score even more, so pushing a taxi into a bus, which then crosses over the road and hits some oncoming traffic, scores even more."

"Also, we're bringing something that everyone loved in crash mode, the crashbreaker, into the race experience. Now you have to really decide whether or not you want to mess with me. If you try to take me down and get me, then I'm going to use my crashbreaker to try to take you down with me--kind of like a dirty tackle in soccer. The Crashbreaker is the ultimate explosive payback: you got me for sure, but you're coming down with me!"

*****fuckin' sweet!!!!*****

"But we felt it was time to leave the bright and colorful look behind and move to the next level. So, some of the first screenshots we're releasing come from our Detroit course. I guess you can say the visuals for this track at least are darker and grittier than anything we've ever done before. But remember, it's Burnout we're making, and the game isn't going to look like Silent Hill all of a sudden."

"They came up with a brief guide that set out different parts of a course that could be applied to make the track great for fighting. We've never put many hard stops in the tracks before, but this time we've added a few. We're also introducing a few jumps and splits, as well as shortcuts or alternate routes, into the course design. This is new for Burnout and it opens up the action a little more. "

On being asked what is one thing that will surprise even diehard fans about the game?

"I think that has to be crash mode this time. In fact, you probably would not believe me if I tried to explain it right now. So I'll save that for next time. All I will say is that crash mode in Revenge is the best crash yet. It's not quite finished yet to talk about in detail, so we'll be saying more about that at E3."

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