AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

My Next Fixation

This time last year you couldn't stop the fucking rampage I was on. Post after post. New details coming forth to the light of day. Things I had never seen before. And then those things started to move and I posted more. Even more details came out and I posted more yet again. A flood of information and I couldn't stop myself from writing about it and my fixation - my obsession.

The next in the Burnout series due out this fall on Xbox and PS2 - Burnout Revenge.

I'd always stated that with this game, I didn't need movement forward. Just continue to make more of what I want. New tracks. New cars. New ways to feed my fixation, and it seems, that is what they are going to do, but not without at least some move forward.

Here's the breakdown - or at least the information *they* are letting us in on:

- New dynamics in classic modes including race, crash and road rage modes

- A new "Revenge" mode: You, in the middle of rush hour traffic, racing the clock, causing as much destruction as possible.

That's all so far. A title, a tentative release time frame, a few details, and 2 screenshots. More info is likely to come about during E3.

God how I love this game.
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