AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I think some of you might already know, some of the closer few of you to me and to Ben. But still, I'll explain as best I can. I haven't had much sleep as it is right now and I'm just exhausted.

Last night seemed like any other. I was on the computer playing games and Ben came home and later began playing Halo 2. I guess an hour or so went by and then the smoke alarm in the kitchen went off. I heard it first, but didn't really know what it was to begin with - being so far away in the back of the house and with Halo 2 blaring through the television. The kitchen had caught on fire. It was the blackest smoke I had ever seen coming from the oven. My first reaction was to call 911 and I did, immediately, then I just wanted the fire to stop before it reached anymore of the house.

The fire department came and took care of it all, but not before the speaker mesh on my left front tower speaker in the main theater room had melted. The TV screen itself had absorbed some of the smoke, making the picture almost too dark to even be watchable. The cabinets are really nothing now. Glass broken, bowls melted and food destroyed. I'm not sure of the damage estimate, but someone from the insurance company is coming out today. I'll be here at work for a while, then around 11 I'll head home to meet him and go over everything with him. My aunt will be coming down as well to help me with that and any clean up that needs to be done will take place today.

Apparently, Ben had put some tots in the oven and forgot about them.
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