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I bought a game last night off of Ebay. Apparently only available overseas and the retailers listed at the main site did not ship here to the states.

I played a demo a long time back and finally found the game online. It's pretty much a get-the-ball-from-here-over-to-here type of game. Here's some screenshots:

It's a bit different from other games of it's type but the basics are still there.

I've also been playing another demo from some developers out of Europe - Trackmania.

I played a bit of the first one way back when and I loved it so much I bought it a few days later. Lots of online support as far as multiplayer and just a big community of players and track designers. And that was the best part - you could design your own track and share with others online.

Apparently the same holds true to what looks like a sequel of sorts. Multiplayer is there, along with sharing track designs - along with replays - through websites or over email. But the biggest difference with this go round is the look of the game. Major changes from what once was. And so far, for me, they work. These example pics are huge so I am putting them behind a cut, but you can see a big difference from the first one and the second.

The Original:

The New One - Trackmania: Sunrise:

I'm all about a game evolving, but only when it works to further the experience for the player in one way or another. Take two steps forward...not back, ya know? And from what I can tell, the guys behind Trackmania have done that - although they may have taken more than just two steps forward. It's more like a few leaps compared to the first game.

The problem for me with this game is that it has novelty, and that novelty wears off. It takes a good long while for it to do so, but yeah, it does eventually wear on you as a player. After a awhile, when you have played all the tracks that came with the game and downloaded track upon track, you eventually come to feel you are doing the same thing over and over and in that way, it will become boring. But it still provides many a month of gameplay for someone like me. And for a game like that, all I do is come in from work and play a bit of it, just to pass some time and relax a bit, whereas a game like, say...Burnout 3, I would play hours on end and my weekends would be filled with it.

Trackmania is part racing game, stunt track, and puzzle game. You have to figure out the track and almost always is the case, you can never get gold on your first try at a new track.

Trackmania: Sunrise is due out on April 8th in the UK.
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