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Fish Don't Fry In The Kitchen

So, I was called upstairs to the office around lunch to have a chat with one of the big whigs here at the station. Normally, I'm called up there to fix email problems or something technical like that. This was not the case today. Nope. They asked how I would feel being in charge of our classic rock station. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to my job, so I didn't really mind, so long as I kept my spot on our CHR/Top 40 station.

Call it paranoia, but for some reason I feel this is just a step for something much it for me or someone else. It's like fucking chess around here sometimes where they move you is only a small part of a larger strategy. Are they putting me on a path out the door or setting me up for safety later on. I honestly don't know.

Rumors still float around about the stations being bought out, although our competition in this matter pulled a fast one and tweaked their format. Going from CHR/Top 40 to nothing but urban/pop/hip-hop type stuff. As it stands, they play no rock. We do. More variety, means more listeners honestly. That may prove to be a nail in their coffin. We already have gotten more clients for advertising because of that move as well as taking a night club gig they have had for years. This all means good things for our CHR/Top 40 station.

So, what about our little classic rock station that has suddenly fallen into my hands? Well, for me, it looks to mean experience in programming a station. Especially being only 23 years old. That's not bad to have written down on a resume. Then again, it could mean they have put me on a sinking ship and letting me go down with it. The numbers for this station are not stellar in the least....very, very low numbers. The syndicated morning show is keeping it afloat really. If they give me free reign (which they won't), I'd flip that fucker to active rock. See, I'll be program director, but I'll be getting information from an outside a consultant. He'll tell me what's working in other markets and different things I need to try. I'm all for that though as I don't know the first thing about running a radio station. So, this will either be a wonderful learning experience and perhaps even profitable, or it'll be a lesson on how to trust the company you work for. Christ I'm nervous.
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