AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Yep, I'm a dork.

I love the show. But I am not too big a fan of first season sitcoms. It's like wearing a brand new baseball glove. It isn't really broken in and it doesn't feel to comfortable right off. But give it a while and then you'd never think of getting rid of it. A bit like this show. Not all the characters are in place yet and the real gel of the show hasn't come together. But it's the first season and I'm a bit of a yeah.

Okay, yeah, I'm a double dork.

Really, I have no excuse for buying this other than...well, hell, I dunno really. I saw an early episode from this season on TV Land the other night and was pretty bad. So, maybe I'll wait on this one. Doubt it.

And the soundtrack gets released today is well. Apparently it's a mix of music and sound clips from the show. Which, if you have ever heard anything come out of Ian McShane's character, is damn near a must have.

I was watching this show last night and wondered about the new season due in March and I hope it stands up to this first season, but even if not, I felt like the first season of this show ranks up there with the first season of a lot of other great shows I have watched - 24, Shield, Six Feet Under.

The first few episodes are like that baseball glove, but it doesn't take long for you to get a feel for the characters and then just keep watching as it goes from story arc to story arc with each group. And that only works for 2 reasons - the writing and the cast.

The cast just fits. Some of these people here are just fucking golden with their characters and it fits well...not unlike that glove I keep mentioning.

The price on this set is a bit steep for 12 episodes, so you might wanna wait to pick it up or grab it as a rental, but give it a shot. It's well worth looking into.
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