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Game News

Electronic Arts revealed its 13-game list scheduled to launch for the Xbox 2 for 2005-2006.

Games mentioned include Burnout 4, and Black developed by Criterion and from Digital Illusions, Battlefield: Modern Combat. Sports titles FIFA 2006, FIFA Street 2, SSX 4 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 are all due out for the next-gen system as well as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the next 007 game, James Bond: From Russia With Love.

Other titles on the list included The Godfather and an untitled project with Marvel Comics. The list also includes a new addition to the Need for Speed series called Need for Speed: Most Wanted and the sequel to The Urbz, The Urbz 2.

None of these titles are expected to be exclusive to the Xbox 2 and should be appearing on the original Xbox as well as the PlayStation 2 and its next-gen counterpart and the PSP.

Nintendo News:

A plethora of rumors and speculation regarding the Nintendo Revolution have surfaced today, causing a flurry of questions from a world-wide audience.

According to the unofficial reports, the new console will come equipped with a hard drive, use tilt sensitive controllers and will be broadband enabled. Games assumed to accompany the release of the new system will be titles from the Mario, Zelda and Super Smash Bros series.

Features that are speculated to be included with the revolution, as reported by are: controllers have tilt-sensing gyroscopes, four controller ports on the system, twin processors and an internal hard drive, connectivity with the new version of the GameBoy, and games will come on HD-DVD discs.

An official announcement is expected to be given at this year's E3.
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