AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Fucking time warp here. Everyone's all, "Here's what happened the other day when LJ died?". Conversations will start with, "Where were you when LJ died?". And Alan Jackson or some other country singer will write a song about it.

Probably not.

But anyway, here *is* what happened to me on Friday:

0 O <---Before we begin, I need to make one thing abso-fucking clear. One of those is a Zero and the other is the letter "o". In old ass computer type, the Zero has a dot in the middle of it. And you know what....I'll never fucking forget that.

We're converting our AM talk station to do half talk and half Oldies. I don't mind so much, cause I didn't listen all that often to the station to begin with. It's a very low power station and at night, the power gets even lower. There is 2 local talk shows on it, both in the morning and back-to-back of each other and there are good people on those shows. Glad to see they kept their jobs. As for the rest, I could care less. Cept for Coast To Coast. That one I will miss, even though it was rare that I ever heard it. Still, with that being said, I honestly like the music being played. Every now and then it's boring, but for the most part...I'm right there singing right along.

So anyway, on Thursday, I posted about being there so late and how I had taken Friday off, but well, that didn't happen. Yes, I was allowed to voice track my morning show, but I still had to come in. Wasn't bad. In bed by 3am and up at 8:30am and at work by about 9:30am. But again, it was a long day of trying to get the damn station to run right.

Stations have a particular order of doing things...most stations anyway. The hour runs as follows: Legal ID, song, sweeper, song, sweeper...etc. Until you get to a stop set. Stop sets are commercial blocks. Plain and simple. So it goes: song, sweeper, song, sweeper, PROMO (Stopset intro), commercials, sweeper, song. You follow?

It was with these stopsets that we kept running into problems. When we would schedule and send it all up to the computer to run the next day it came out fine, except for the stopsets all fucked up. It looked like this: song, PROMO, sweeper, commercials, song, commercial, sweeper, song. Or something random, but still fucked up kinda like that.

We were there till Midnight or so working on this. During a break, and looking for some contact with the outside world, I check LJ...dead to the world.

Oh what a lonely boy I is.

Anyway, back to work and figuring out why this fucker won't run right. We'd been at it all day long. On the phone with people back and forth, trying it one way and then another. Hoping each time that our next leap...would be the leap....wait, sorry. But yeah, we kept figuring it would do it right with each new way we tried. It's all a bunch of crap ass stupid language the computer program reads to set this shit up right and to try to explain that would take a lot longer than I intend to spend writing it out. Ask me some day if we're ever on the phone or something where I can speak it and sure, no problem. Writing it out and having it make sense is really quite difficult. After about 14 or so hours of looking at this fucking screen trying to figure it all out, we notice the problem.

When preparing for a stopset on the music scheduling side of things, you have to include the time of the stopset, i.e. "12:25 STOPSET MARKER", or whatever. If it's earlier in the hour, say at 7 minutes into the hour, it's, "O7:00 STOPSET MARKER".

Did you catch it?

Cause we never did. On a small screen where it's all jumbled up together while we're looking over the hour, we never noticed how all our stopset entry times started with a letter and not a number. It was the fucking difference between one of these, 0 and one of these O. Not that we pointed fingers to blame, cause he took full credit for it anyway, but it was the owner, top brass, whatever who'd made the mistake early on when he made the command line for the program.

Then it was done. Everything worked as it should and that was it.

And for some odd reason, I can't find a way to end this entry. So fuck it. It's finished.
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