AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I go in for blood work today. Trying to at least. They close at noon today and I'm going to try and break free from work to get there before then.

I don't like blood work.

Last time I did this, I got sick and took a nap at the place till I felt better. Then, a few weeks ago, I gave blood and got sick, with hot flashes, and layed down again (thank you zisforzillah).

So today, I have already told them to be prepared, cause it'll prolly happen again. Anyway, by doing this I will have results back on Monday and we'll know better about my health.

Tomorrow, pookim21 and I will be drving to my Aunts for Christmas Eve. Everyone we know is going to be working that night or spending it with family. Neither of us have to work, and oddly enough, neither of us has any family in town either.

At the advice of a friend, I'm going to try and decorate a bit at the house...just a little something maybe around the house to get that feel of the season going on and all that.

Apparently, I took a good enough picture to make mention in my own journal here. All of my posts at my other journal - picturepage - are friends only, but since this one seems to be getting good reviews, I've unlocked it. Just a reminder on the way that journal works...add it as a friend if you wish to be added back. I didn't go around adding everyone from this journal to that one...since I don't know how many of you want to see pictures and stuff that may really be boring to look at. So yeah.

Anyway, I'll prolly post later on how the blood work went, or not. I dunno.

I watched "The Muppet Christmas Carol" last night on DVD. Ah, the I love those fuckers.
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