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Brain Droppings

My legs are nothing to me anymore. They don't want to move, nor do they like supporting my body anymore. They are, by most standards, dead. I now want wheels instead of legs/feet. Wheels that will get me where I need to go with thought. Just like my legs, but with wheels. Wheels that retract with thought and extend with thought. Wheels powered by thought.

I must have looked so fucking stupid walking with a limp everywhere I went. Specifically, it was my right leg. There was some point in the night when it shut itself off from the rest of my body. As if to say, "Fuck this, bitch. You want to move me, you better start putting way more effort cause I'm not going to help you anymore." And for the rest of the night, that is what I did. Every step made with my right leg was made with considerable more amount of thought, effort, & planning than any other part of my body tonight. Later on, due to peer preassure, conformity, or whatever, the left leg decided that the right leg was on to something and shut itself down. The feet have no decision in this mind you, they just go along with whatever the legs decide to do.

As the night went on, apparently the legs started to spread the message around that not helping me out was the way to go. So the eyelids shut themselves down. Every blink takes so much more effort than before to get them to raise back up. I think my brain is starting to get the message to as it feels tired and ready to shut down. I'm going to bed, but I still want wheels, dammit.
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