AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

The other day...Monday, in fact, I cut off my wrist straps. You can see them in my icon up there. They were nothing more than probably hair straps or something to keep hair in a pony tail or whatever, but I used them on my wrist. I had one on when my mother passed, and then added another after my father died. They'd been on my wrist for a pretty long time. You see, I NEVER took them off. Ever. And after a while, I couldn't. There was no way to get them off without cutting them off or breaking them.

And that's what I had to do. I say "had" cause I wouldn't have done so if I didn't have to. I just outgrew them. Or they shrunk or whatever, but they started hurting so bad that I couldn't bend my wrist without pain. I have marks on my wrist that I'll try and grab a picture of but it looks pretty bad. Almost like skin started to grow around it. Nothing bad of course, but was time they go. At first, when I knew it had to be done, I didn't wanna do it. I went with the pain over a weekend or so, but then finally gave's only a wrist strap, after all.

While I was at the hospital the other night I met a couple there...the name escapes me. They had a child there in ICU...a son. They'd brought him in because he was having heart problems of some type. Shortness of breath, that sort of thing. They were spending Thanksgiving there, and the hospital was nice enough to give them extra time when they went in for visitation. I talked to them a little while as they were waiting. I thought they had brought him in recently, but as it turns out, he'd been there since sometime during the end of October. When they had brought him in for the heart problems, they weren't sure what to think, but then he got moved to ICU not long after they brought him in. Turns out...his heart stopped growing around the age of 4 or so. He was now 7. I think there's a name for the disease, I remember trying to look it up when I came home that night but couldn't find it. Anyway, here's this family, spending their holidays in a hospital, like many others I met that night. And in there was their son...strapped up to something that kept his heart beating at a regular rate and kept him from having the chest pains, but of course, he had to stay there for that. I don't know if there was a chance of letting him go home with the wasn't something we talked about. I honestly didn't want them to go into it much and make them think on the holiday of how bad off their son was. So we talked about his life he'd led so far. Good grades in school...good friends...very athletic. His mom showed me pictures of him with his dog, who they wanted to bring with him cause he hasn't seen the dog since he'd been put in the hospital and it was something he often asked about many times. They offered me some food and I declined. I really wasn't hungry at all, but still, I also didn't feel I could take anything from these people who'd already had so much taken from them. They asked me about my wrist straps and then my parents soon followed. It was pretty obvious to them the straps were hurting and that I should do something about it. That's when I told them about the sentimental value and everything. They understood but also told me that if something hurts, and *I* can do something to change that....I should. If something can be done to better myself and *I* have that opportunity, I should do it. It's only a wrist strap, after all. Looking at their situation and what they face, I understood what they meant by telling me that. It was a lot more than just a wrist strap that they were talking about.

I don't know what will become of that family or their child. It was time for them to go back in to see him and I wished them well. They will probably be there for chirstmas as well, but I hope not. I hope all of them are at home and he's with his dog again. I hope everyone I met in that place spends the next holiday home with the people they were there waiting to see.
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