AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

So yeah, the hair straight gel shit didn't work or I did something wrong in the process. I swear, reading instructions on that stuff feels like a timed under-water level in a video game.

Guess I'll try the mythical "flat-iron" next. I only say "mythical" cause I honestly have never heard of one before now. Anyway, a few pics:

I swear to god those are the only looks I can give a camera. If you could check back on old pics of mine you'd see that. However, you can't because sucks ass and seems to be gone for good. Goodbye pics of me...goodbye pics of my friends...goodbye pics of my knives and guns....goodbye pics of my home....goodbye pics of me as a baby and my parents...goodbye pics of charlie.

Oh yeah, one more pic I screwed up on:

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