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Call it a Superman complex. I don't care. Something about people makes me want to help them. Or maybe it's something about me that makes me want to do better by others. I don't know that either.

The thought of what I did today popped into my head earlier this morning while commenting to someone's post, and then the full idea and plan was brought about while riding in my car listening to U2.

So yeah, I went to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving. Did the usual there and then I headed back home. Except, I didn't go home.

I tried to find local shelters here around town. I couldn't find many to be honest. At least none that needed any more help from me. Most of what they had done was over with and the clean up was half way finished as it was. I didn't want to clean up. I wanted to help.

Animal shelters are closed. Save for whoever comes by to feed them, there's no one there. I looked at them too. If I couldn't help people, I'll help the dogs and cats of the city and maybe do something good for them. Nothing.

So I went to the hospital where my mother died. I'd thought about just buying flowers and going room to room, but then I thought about how that might look and that while intentions would be good...a lot of folks prolly would be freaked out about it. So I just went to waiting rooms outside ICU's, and sat there with the people. Complete strangers, but apparently when you are in a hospital waiting room, be it on Thanksgiving or any other day...strangers don't really exist.

Stories exchanged, moments shared. The strength in some of the parents I met are amazing. Mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters...cousins, and friends....brothers and sisters. Family's spending their thanksgiving in a waiting room just to spend about 20 minutes of their thanksgiving with their loved one who couldn't breathe or couldn't hear...some couldn't even see. But none of them were sad about any of it and were thankful for the most part that they had the time they had.

I don't know what any of this means. I mean, I didn't help the homeless or the helpless nor did I feed the abandonded and lost pets. I just talked to people....and I can't really wrap words around that. Maybe later when my thoughts have settled I can put it better on screen, but right now, that'll have to do.
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