AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Miracle Drug

"The songs are in your eyes. I see them when you smile."

It's the second song on the album and it slows a bit from "Vertigo". This is the song that really sets the pace for the rest of the album...give or take a song or two.

It mirrors, somewhat, the second tracks from the 2 previous albums - "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of" from "All That You Can't Leave Behind", and "Do You Feel Loved?" from "Pop". It does so in that both of these tracks are a lot different from the track that starts off the album. You go from fast to slow. But again, with this band, nothing is lost from that. The emotion is still there and there's loads of it as well. Lines such as:

"I want to trip inside your head
Spend the day there...
To hear the things you haven't said
And see what you might see"


"Beneath the noise
Below the din
I hear a voice
It's whispering
In science and in medicine
'I was a stranger
You took me in'"

And they don't stop here with just this song. Not at all. It gets even better the more you listen to the album. But then again, you've gotta stop and think who all of this is coming from. A rabid fan, as it were. So yeah, I'd have to say I am a bit biased. But I have said before that they have done things as a band I wasn't happy with and didn't like, so they aren't perfect by any means, but as of late, they haven't been short of perfect. That first line I posted is the meaning of this song. It's the captain of the ship as it were. The driving force. It's the line that makes me smile when I hear it. And it's lines like that...that can make you fall in love with a band all over again. It was the second song I heard from the new album. Hearing "Vertigo" first told me the band hadn't lost it's touch when they wanted to be a rock band, but are they still the great band they always have been. And that line from the second song told me just that.
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