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So far...this has been my day.

Well, to begin with, I've had to get up earlier than usual today cause I have an appointment with a lawyer in the afternoon. So, I've swapped shifts at work for the day and am doing the 10 - 2 shift.

Secondly, my body is pretty sore. The station has a softball tournament this weekend for charity and we played around a little yesterday which made me sore. I need more exercise.

The drive to work wasn't much better. I was on the interstate when my nuts started hurting. Apparently, one of my balls had slipped through that little access area in my briefs. Not much of a problem until I changed positions a little and caused the underwear to close on my nut. Normally it be a simple fix and just change positions again, but when I closed tighter, and became seriously uncomfortable. Doing 70mph and having the circulation cut off from yer nads is not sexually stimulating whatsoever.

Anyway, after I got to work, I went to do my first long talk break and the mic falls off. Just right in the middle...the fucker falls off the stand or whatever the hell the thing is that holds the mic in place.

On the good side of this a cable company in town has hired me to do some voice-over work for them at $30/per 30 second spot. Already lined up for 3 spots for tomorrow. So, that's a good thing, I suppose.
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