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I have never been moved with music so much as I have in the past 5 minutes or so. On a whim and the amount of plain boredom I found myself in here at work, I decided to see if I could find the new U2 album online as reports were it had leaked.

I found it.

Due to my distrust with peer to peer services actually giving me what I wanted to download and mixed in with my desire to hear the album as it was intended, in the track order it was intended, I decided to listen to quick snippits of each song when it finished downloading - the beginning a bit, the middle a bit, and the end a bit.

In those snippets, emotions drowned me.

I'm listening now to "Somtimes You Can't Make It On Your Own". A song Bono sung at his father's funeral. It's beautiful to tears.

Have you ever seen something or felt something so beatiful that you felt as though you weren't even worthy of such an experience. A feeling that it can't be happening to you and that moments like this are reserved for those who do and discover greater things?

At this moment, I am alone in this office building. There are not 3 people in the next room talking over sales numbers or ratings numbers. There is no one to interrupt this moment and this experience. It's quite perfect.

Maybe this gives you a little more insight into the band that I love. Maybe you finally understand what it means to be a fan or understand the kind of fan I am.
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