AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Okay, this isn't ganked from any one journal. It's just something I thought of on the way into work this morning. However, it's probably been done a thousand times over already, but oh well.

I'd like anyone who wants to reply with 3 songs they think desribes me best. It could be 3 songs that make you think of me when you hear them. It could be 3 songs that describe the way YOU feel about me. Whatever. It's just my way of expanding my listening threshold.

Now, don't pick a U2 song just cause U2 makes you think of me. If it has to be that way, then think of a song by U2 that you think fits me best or fits our relationship best.

I'm not one to do these things, much less start them, but hey...feel free to put this in yer own journal and I'll respond. I promise.
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