AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Personal Opinion

First off, this was taken from angelfsh's journal.

I'm quite curious of people's opinion on this and to keep things as natural as possible, I will refrain from my own opinion at this time as well as screening ALL comments so others opinions will not be swayed differently.

In other words - I want your own thoughts on this and not thoughts you came up with after reading someone else's. With that out of the way...please continue.

The link below contains pictures from an artist gallery by Nathalia Edenmont showcased by the Wetterling Gallery. These pictures contain images of animals. Some may be disturbing to view so at your own risk.

The Images

Now, below is another link. It is a statement from the Wetterling Gallery about the images. There are no Images behind that link. Only text.

The Statement

Now, I'd like your thoughts on this. Again, all comments will be screened, in part to keep everyone's opinions as original thoughts and not put together from bits and parts of others, and to avoid any type of flame war bullshit should one arise. Also, in your comment, please specify if you'd like your comment unscreened or kept screened as eventually I will be going back and doing so to those who allow it.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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