AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

We were all to have a nice dinner Thursday night, prepared by the ever so talented zisforzillah. However, plans may have changed due to the bastard that is Ivan.

Should hit the Gulf with about 150mph winds. That's only about 3 hours from us. It's supposed to happen around 1am Thursday morning.

It sucks:

1.) Cause I probably won't see any of them that night and it's been about a week since I have seen any of them.

2.) Food, man...the food. I had no idea what she had planned, but fuck it man...she was gonna cook a meal. And if she was gonna do the meatballs in the sauce or whatever it was we had that time....oh shit man...10,000x more pissed off I'll be at this weather.

3.) Survivor season opener...all of us together...watching it.

I could say for #3 that I could TiVo it and we watch it another time, but chances are, we won't have a steady flow of power during that time.

Oh well. Shit happens, eh?
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