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"Burnout 3: Takedown" will hit store shelves before Friday. In fact, as early as tomorrow in some places you will be able to pick it up.

By now, you know my love for the game. But maybe...I dunno, maybe you, yourself, are not yet convinced of the glory that is this game. Being that it is my Bible, I must spread the gospel to turn those who would pass on this game into believers.

Okay, so a little over the top there, but let's get to the point. Buy the fucking game. I don't tell you this cause they need support. Check the number in the title. It says "3". That should tell you that this game has had 2 similar games before it and....AND, if enough people liked it to make a "2" and then even more so to make a "3", something must be going on here and I need to hop on the B3 train.

Quotes work. They're always trying to sway others religion with quotes (aside from war). Well here, let me quote from the Burnout 3 Bible...

From the book of IGN, Chapter 1, Verse 2: We do not hesitate to say, then, that this is one of the best games -- not just of 2004 -- but of this generation.

From the book of PALGN Xbox, Chapter 1, Verse 1: I will start off this review with one of the boldest statements I have ever made: Burnout 3: Takedown is one of the best racing games of all time, and, is one of the best games - period - this generation.

From the book of GamesRadar, Chapter 1, Verse 9: It still possesses the series' trademark ability to deliver Tempest-like 'in the zone' moments of remarkable intensity unlike any of its contemporaries, but now comes with a confidently revised dynamic, marking this as Criterion Games' finest hour. Crucially, it's everything a racing videogame should be: a relentless, unwavering and phenomenal assault on the senses.

From the book of some guy, Chapter 1, Verses 1 - 3: I am so tired and my girlfriend is so pissed off with me. Since I got this game on Friday, I can't leave it alone. "Just one more race" I say to myself - then 3hrs later, my eyes are burning, my trigger finger is sore and my girlfriend is threating to ban me from "having fun" with her.

The simple point is, my dear need to get this game.

Because if you don't, yer going to hell and people won't like you anymore.

Plus, you won't have any friends and yer life will turn to shit.

Burnout Saves!
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