AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Here we go. What could be considered the complete list of premiere dates:

According To Jim (ABC) Sept. 21

Al Franken (Sundance) Sept. 7

All Of Us (UPN) Sept. 21

Amazing Race 6 (CBS) Sept. 25

American Dreams (NBC) Sept. 26

America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC) Sept. 26

America's Most Wanted (Fox) Sept. 11

America's Next Top Model 3 (UPN) Sept. 22

Apprentice 2 (NBC) Sept. 9

Arrested Development (Fox) Nov. 7

Bachelor 6 (ABC) Sept. 22

The Benefactor (ABC) Sept. 13

Bernie Mac Show (Fox) Sept. 8

The Billionaire (Fox) Nov. 9

Boston Legal (ABC) Oct. 3

Center Of The Universe (CBS) Sept. 29

Charmed (WB) Sept. 12

The Club (Spike) Oct. 12

Clubhouse (CBS) Sept. 26

Cold Case (CBS) Oct. 3

Commando Nanny (WB) Sept. 17

Complete Savages (ABC) Sept. 24

The Complex: Malibu (Fox) Aug. 30

Cops (Fox) Sept. 11

Crossing Jordan (NBC) Sept. 26

CSI (CBS) Sept. 23

CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept. 20

CSI: New York (CBS) Sept. 22

Desperate Housewives (ABC) Oct. 3

Dog The Bounty Hunter (A&E) Aug. 31

Drawn Together (CC) Oct. 27

Dream Job 2 (ESPN) Sept. 14

Drew Carey's Green Screen (WB) Sept. 16

Dr. Vegas (CBS) Sept. 24

Eight Simple Rules (ABC) Sept. 24

ER (NBC) Sept. 23

Eve (UPN) Sept. 21

Everwood (WB) Sept. 13

Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS) Sept. 20

Extreme Makeover (ABC) Sept. 23

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 26

Family Bonds (HBO) Sept. 19

Father Of The Pride (NBC) Aug. 31

Fear Factor (NBC) Aug. 30

George Lopez Show (ABC) Sept. 21

Ghost Hunters (SciFi) Oct. 6

Gilmore Girls (WB) Sept. 21

Girlfriends (UPN) Sept. 20

Grounded For Life (WB) Sept. 17

Half & Half (UPN) Sept. 20

Hawaii (NBC) Sept. 1

Hope & Faith (ABC) Sept. 24

House (Fox) Nov. 16

How Clean Is Your House? (Lifetime) Sept. 6

Huff (Showtime) Nov. 7

I'll Do Anything (ESPN) Sept. 28

In Search Of The Partridge Family (VH1) Sept. 5

Jack & Bobby (WB) Sept. 12

JAG (CBS) Sept. 24

Joan Of Arcadia (CBS) Sept. 24

Joey (NBC) Sept. 9

Judging Amy (CBS) Sept. 28

Kevin Hill (UPN) Sept. 29

King Of Queens (CBS) Sept. 29

King Of The Hill (Fox) Nov. 7

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (MTV) Sept. 14

Last Comic Standing 3 (NBC) Aug. 30

Las Vegas (NBC) Sept. 13

Law & Order (NBC) Sept. 22

Law & Order: CI (NBC) Sept. 26

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) Sept. 21

LAX (NBC) Sept. 13

Less Than Perfect (ABC) Sept. 24

Life As We Know It (ABC) Oct. 7

Listen Up (CBS) Sept. 20

Long Way Around (Bravo) Oct. 28

Lost (ABC) Sept. 22

Malcolm In The Middle (Fox) Nov. 7

Medical Investigation (NBC) Sept. 9

The Mountain (WB) Sept. 22

My Wife & Kids (ABC) Sept. 21

Navy NCIS (CBS) Sept. 28

The Next Great Champ (Fox) Sept. 7

NYPD Blue (ABC) Sept. 21

The OC (Fox) Nov. 4

One On One (UPN) Sept. 20

One Tree Hill (WB) Sept. 21

The Partner (Fox) Nov. 7

Proof Positive (SciFi) Oct. 6

Real World 15 (MTV) Sept. 7

Reba (WB) Sept. 17

Renovate My Family (Fox) Sept. 1

Rodney (ABC) Sept. 21

Scare Tactics (SciFi) Oct. 6

Scrubs (NBC) Aug. 31

Second Time Around (UPN) Sept. 20

Seventh Heaven (WB) Sept. 13

Simpsons (Fox) Nov. 7

Smallville (WB) Sept. 22

Star Trek: Enterprise (UPN) Oct. 8

Steve Harvey's Big Time (WB) Sept. 12

Still Standing (CBS) Sept. 20

South Park (CC) Oct. 27

Surreal Life 3 (VH1) Sept. 5

Survivor 9: Vanuatu (CBS) Sept. 16

Swan 2 (Fox) Oct. 25

That '70s Show (Fox) Sept. 8

Third Watch (NBC) Sept. 17

Tru Calling (Fox) Nov. 4

Two And A Half Men (CBS) Sept. 20

Veronica Mars (UPN) Sept. 22

Wanda Does It (CC) Oct. 5

West Wing (NBC) Oct. 20

What I Like About You (WB) Sept. 17

Wife Swap (ABC) Sept. 29

Will & Grace (NBC) Sept. 16

The Wire (HBO) Sept. 19

Without A Trace (CBS) Sept. 23
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