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Here's the story:

Two guys wanted to make a film on the shoe-string-iest of budgets. Money runs out, so they need more. Time to shop your film around to some studios. They decide to go a different route and instead of sending out scripts, they take one scene from the script and film it. Only one scene. For them, it's a do or die scene. They pick the wrong one and no one wants it. They pick the right one and the money will roll in.

The scene:

A girl wakes up from having been drugged or whatever. Regardless, it's safe to say she wasn't wearing that head gear earlier. She's in a room and in her hand is a knife. On the floor, a tape. The voice on the tape tells her of what happened. She was fitted with a device that, at a certain time, will rip open her lower jaw, removing it from the rest of her head. The voice also says she can free herself from that fate, but there's only one way that can happen.

A man, bound in another corner in the room, is chained to the wall. He can't move. He was also drugged. In his stomach is the key to the head gear.

All she has to do is get the key.

Back to the story:

That's the movie in a nut shell. Man kidnaps people putting them in situations to either kill others or mutilate themselves in order to escape.

Needless to say, Lions Gate Films has done the right thing and stepped up to the plate for these guys to make their movie, the way they want to.

Look for it, this fall.
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