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Myst You

I finished up with Missing: Since January.

I really, really liked that game. And possibly because it was different from any other game I have ever played. It relies on your ability to spot clues and search out information with the clues you find. No strategy guide was used, except in the case where I couldn't read a clue.

Example: Part of finding a clue was to use the razor to scrap away whatever was hiding the clue. Upon doing so however, the font of the word was soooo tiny and rubbed away, that I could make most of the letters, but one or two were very hard to read. Skipped over to an online guide and went from there.

The strategy guide I found also had links to the websites needed to find answers and other clues. Those came in handy as well, because some of these websites don't come up on the first or second page of a Google search. In fact, one never came up at all and again, had to use the guide. Some of the puzzles, however, feel like Da Vinci Code type of shit. You start looking up Alchemists, and old religous figures and buildings in order to find numbers and names. Symbols for planets and alignments are used as well as stars and charts. I think a lot of people on my friend's list would enjoy the game, however, if I were to name names here, I really think nefri would enjoy this a lot. All in all, a fun, fun game with some very frustrating parts. Let me say that again, it's fun game, but it has it's moments of frustration to the point of quitting. If you aren't used to moments like this in a game, it might get to you. Patience is something you really need to have while playing...especially coming to those points in the game. I cringe just thinking about it. Ugh. The parts I speak of cannot be helped with a strategy guide. They are "games" in a sense of just having skill to do what is needed.

I said that I had finished it, but that's not actually true. Can't go into that however cause it'd be spoiler for those who plan on playing the game.

Now, on to the meat of this post.

As many of you know, I love the Myst series of games. I mean, seriously, these games are one of the precious few things I really love. Every single damn one of them I have completely enjoyed. There's a 4th game due out this fall sometime, Myst IV: Revelation.

There's a demo out now for the game. You can view this page and download the demo from there. I just got done with it, and while it's short, it's one of the most beautiful demos I have ever seen. But then again, I'm biased of course. It's got one puzzle to play that you can figure out quickly enough if you pay attention to the pattern. Aside from that, there's still a lot to learn just from that demo. The control is different...sort of. You can "attach" the cursor to the screen and move the screen that way or let it free roam on the screen only moving when at the edge of the four sides of the screen. They actually updated that stupid cartoon hand to an actual render of a hand. Seriously, it looks like you are controlling "Thing" from the Addams Family on the screen. You can select to have it left or right handed. The color of the hand can be changed and many other options as well.

The demo was great and just from this quick venture into the world of the next Myst adventure is really making me look forward to it this fall. My love for Myst exceeds that of my love for the Burnout series of games, so when it's released in September, expect Myst to take over from there till it's release later in the year.

:::EDIT::: Did some digging and it seems Myst IV will be released late September!!!!!

Hell, there's already box art:

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