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"When you crash a car in real life, it's actually really dull," Elliott notes. "I mean, apart from it giving you a near heart attack, it's a funny smell coming from a bit of the car. If your air bag goes off, then there's a nasty sting, but it's not the crashes that you or I know. The crashes you or I know are in the movies, where they clip the side of a dumpster and do a double flip into a barrel roll and bits fly off in all directions. So that's the kind of crash we built for the game -- not the real kind of crash, but the Hollywood crash.

I really enjoy Gran Turismo and those kind of games," says Elliott, "but they're a very different kind of experience. The experience we wanted to give was, 'What would it be like to drive a 200-mile an hour through traffic?' That's the fun experience -- what would it be like if I made a mistake and crashed into a truck coming the opposite way at 60 miles an hour, and what would my car look like after that?

Nothing's beyond the laws of physics," says Elliott. "It's all built with real physics calculations, and it works out to the real thing. We just add the Hollywood flair and touch. The really important thing is that the whole world does feel believable -- that it feels rich and it feels busy, especially when you're doing those freeway runs [and] you've got traffic whooshing past you on either side."

-Harvey Elliott
Executive Producer - Burnout 3: Takedown

One Month Away

(yes, I know that's PS2. Amazon, for whatever reason, doesn't have the Xbox version)
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