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Missing: My Spine

I posted this a while back, being all clever like and what not.

Truth is, it's a game. See:

Ben bought it a few days ago and has attempted to play it. It doesn't really require all that much of a PC to play, but his still brought about problems. He got far enough to tell me a little about it and to scare me too.

He keeps telling me to play it with the sound up and the lights off. Only play it at night and stuff. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

While pushing me from it, those comments draw me to it...make any sense?

I may take a crack at it tonight, knowing I'll be at some suspenseful part of the game and then blam...the phone rings or something, causing me to shit uncontrollably in my chair.....or something like that.

Speaking of games...I came across this holy grail of a treasure the other day at my local game store:


Yeah, I got wind of the demo being shipped to Gamestop stores and so I decided to check mine out. Just to see, ya know? Well, sure enough in their little PS2 station over by the wall, it was running, for all to see and play. And play I did. I stood there playing for a while, telling the people behind the counter that I wanted this demo. Finally, after putting money down on the game for when it releases in September, I got the demo.

It is fucking sweet as all shit man. Course, it's only one lap long, only one track, and it's the same car, but still, fun as shit man. And goddamn if it isn't the sweetest looking PS2 game I have seen in a long time. You owners of the PS2 will finally get a bit of a taste of what us Xbox owners have enjoyed now for a while.

The racing is fantastic. Soooooo much better than Burnout 2. In 2, you raced...there was no aggression or anything. Just be first, that was it. In 3, it gives you more gameplay by letting you attack the other drivers. Not with guns or anything Twisted Metal-like, but just be causing them to wreck. And that is sooo damn sweet. Driving at 110, trading licks with this Mustang on your left, only to finally push it enough to cause it to run right into a lamp post or kiss the back end of a big rig, then watch as the camera swoops around to catch the action in slow-mo for all of about 3 seconds before speeding up the frames and swooping back to the action. The game online is going to be nothing but trash talk. Then there's the crashes, of course.

Look, you really need to visualize what I am talking about here, so give Burnout 2 a look to understand how well the wrecks already were to appreciate how great they have become. Losing control in a drift only to T-bone into an armored car, then whipping back around to slam into an already involved car, then flipping into the air clearing a few traffic lights only to land into the path of an oncoming 18-wheeler is nothing short of fantastic, folks. All of this can happen in real time or slow-mo. If in slow-mo, you can control the path of your car....slightly. Very slowly, you can cause your car to move into the path of oncoming traffic in order to cause the other racers to wreck as well. It's a stroke of genius the devs put in the game and a welcome addition. In real time, the shit happens so fast you sometimes miss a few things, but it still gets a big reaction from who ever is in the room watching with you. Course, then it's a game of who can out do who in the crashes.

So head to yer local Gamestop and check it out there, and if they don't have it running, fucking demand it from those cocksuckers. And if you live near me, never mind the store, just come over and take a look.
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