AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I saw "I, Robot" this afternoon. I had planned on seeing it one way or another and John was kind enough to go with me, although I think he wanted to see "Anchorman" more, but oh well. I think either way we were gonna come away none too pleased for having seen either.

I shouldn't say that. I liked the film. I went into it with low expectations on the story, acting, whatever...and that was good, cause it kinda sucked there. What I was really looking forward to was seeing another Alex Proyas film and some fun action scenes. It really satisfied in those departments. Man, Proyas has fun with a camera. And I love when he does cause you get angles and POV's that you may have seen before, but not quite like this. And then the action scenes - well, I mean, it's fighting robots...what's not to love about that?
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