AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I just spent like an hour filling out a personal ad to go up on a gamer dating service.

Normally I either don't flesh those things out when describing all the stuff they want, or I just lie like an ass. Course, it's been forever since I have done something like that and I would like to think that I have grown since then as far as honesty with myself and others is concerned. Especially myself and how I look and act.

Okay, change of subject for a second while I still can. The weather has picked up outside and the thunder is booming and lightning is crashing and rain. But a whole ass load of wind, and man, I love it. Walked outside a few minutes ago when it started and just stood in the wind. Fun stuff....then the sky got bright as day and I came back in, just a little bit scared, but still having a blast all the same.

So anyway, I filled out this personal ad and I'll post it whenever they approve of it. I don't honestly expect results, especially since I already searched and no one is local on there, but it'll be fun to see what happens, if anything at all. I figured it was the best place to start since it's for gamers.

I still say I'm not looking for a relationship or anything and I'm pretty sure that still holds true. I mean, if I was looking, I think I would be looking harder, and giving in to other factors and stuff. But no, I'm holding strict limitations and really closing a large gap in my search. Narrowing the field, as it were.

Moving on....we had our first casualty at work yesterday afternoon. They fired the afternoon guy on the country station. Can't say he didn't need to be let go, however. He'd been falling behind on his other duties, clashing with the PD of the station and the kicker...ran up about a $1200 cell phone bill. There is this one other detail that might have been a factor, but I can't really talk about it. It involves a third party and that third party is currently under investigation at the moment, so...yeah, no can tell.

I've been playing "Spider-Man 2" for Xbox a lot lately. Swinging through Manhattan is nothing short of fun. It could be compared to the Super Jump used in "City Of Heroes", but it's not really. It's different, and fast, and fun and well, it's Spider-Man for christ's sake. Check the game out if you get a chance. It's out for all 3 systems, but avoid the PC version please.

Speaking of games...T - 2 Months till Burnout 3: Takedown! hits the shelves. Saw a magazine article on the game that gave a date of October 4th...pretty sure that's wrong. I honestly can't get enough of that game. So much so that I plan on writing the developers at some point just to say thanks.

Again on the game front - "Uru: The Path Of The Shell" expansion pack came out today as well. It's part of the "Myst" series of games and I'll be picking that up eventually, but not right away. It's a long while before Myst IV comes out so I'll give it some time and then pick it up so I can double the dose of Myst. Hell, I may even go marathon and play the series all the way through leading up to Myst IV.

Switching gears once again - If "Deadwood" ever makes it to DVD, the first season is a must own. Seriously, as a first season and just a season as a whole, it makes for good TV. As does "Joe Shmoe 2". I swear I have never laughed so hard watching a reality show..however a fake one, but still...Spike TV has a gem on it's hands, as it did with the first season (that I missed), which I'll pick up on DVD when this one has finished it's run. Speaking of reality TV, I didn't know how much I missed "Amazing Race" till it came back on last night. All around a great show and deserving of it's Emmy it won last year. Then there's "Big Brother 5". This show is like that kid in school that yer trying to help fit in, but keeps screwing it up somehow. The one who's intentions are in the right place, it just fucks up the execution. Seriously, this "Project DNA" bullshit is really too much. But yet, I still get the live feeds like last year and it's still just as addicting to sit around and watch these strangers. Last year it was "X Factor", and that lasted all of maybe a week and the whole idea of it wore off. In the end, having their ex's in the house with them, didn't much change the game. This new twist has some potential, but really, it's too early to tell. I just cringe each time they bing it up as though it were the end all be all of game twists or whatever. By the way, this is the 3rd season in a row for "Big Brother" to have people from Alabama in the house. Season 3 was Will from Mobile, Season 4 was Jack from Birmingham, and this season is Adria, also from Birmingham.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. I've enjoyed my pool since finally getting it clean. It took me 2 months or so but it's finally ready and I took my first dip on Saturday. Now I can hardly go a day without getting in the thing and enjoying it while there is still a summer left to enjoy it in.
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