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I saw Spider-Man 2 last night and while I won't go over the top with my spoilers here, I will point out scenes to look for and stuff like that. Either way, I'll be giving my evaluation of a film and upon reading it, you will be poisoned before going into the theater. Keep that in mind if you go further with this little entry.

And by the way, Alex Ross is a goddamn GOD, okay? If you do not know that by now then perhaps after seeing the film, you will.

This movie rocked. I loved it. To start off with, I want more. I wanna go back, again and again cause dammit...I just can't get enough of:

Those Fight Scenes
Man...every fight scene involving the good Doctor and Spidey were just fan-fucking-tastic. Much better than the first one on that front. From the bank scene to the train scene....God the train scene, jesus...I really wanna see that fight again, from start to finish.

The Hospital Scene
I don't wanna go into too much detail here, but safe to say, it isn't gore or anything, hell...not even any blood, but it'll prolly scare the shit out of most kids. Those arms of Otto are pretty damn scary when you think about it.

J. Jonah Jameson
This guy stole the movie. Unlike Catwoman, I could watch a whole movie focused on this character alone. J.K. Simmons is just so damn good in that role

The Little Things
-Elevator, that was just great.

-All the human aspects...this is a guy in college, and man does it show. This is just some kid who got powers and it's fun to watch him work with that. He's more human than super human.

-The two falling scenes. During a fight both he and the Doc are falling while fighting and those moments are just great. should know who to look for by now, cause they're all there, same as before.

The Director
Sam's good man. Fans of Sam will really feel at home with this. The first one it seemed as though he was just trying to make a good, big-budget hollywood film for the masses. This second time around, he sort of lights up a bit and just lets himself go the way he would on an Evil Dead flick or whatever.

Alfred Molina
Bring him back. You just have to. As yet, he's been the best villian. I mean, this guy doesn't give two shits about anyone's life but his own...once he goes nuts, of course. His little grins and facial things that he does just really make you giddy and think he's having a helluva lot of fun playing this nutcase. Great, great acting with what he has to work with. His arms do most of the action, but he plays with it so well.

The Ending
I won't say shit. They set it up for a third film, which I kinda guessed they would and they set it up very well. Doesn't seem like we'll see a Venom in 3, but there's always hope for 4, I guess. By the end of this film, you pretty much know who the bad guy will be in the next go round.

Now, here's a few things I had problems with:

-Asian woman singing. Kinda took me out of the film for a bit and although the times she does sing were quick, I still didn't like them very much.

-Pizza, that just sucked some ass to me, but the more I think about it, the more I come to the point of accepting the fact that if I could just outright fly, I'd be useing it in everyday life to. So really, no harm, no foul. I think they just up played it all. Exciting music blaring and we're all hoping like hell he gets there on time to deliver those pizza's. Man..fuck that.

-Slow moments.....every film has them, usually. I consider those slow moments though to be character development and should be in there as it serves a purpose later on so that we really cheer our hero on and get really nervous in those tight situations.

-The Mask...dude, keep that shit on, would you? He takes it off like every 5 minutes. Hell, you'd think by the end of the film half the people in the city would know who he is. A lot of revealing with this film.

I'm gonna see it again and I'll buy it on DVD. You really don't need me to tell you any of this anyway, cause you're gonna go see it regardless.....right?
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