AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

I'm in the production room at work...without any production to do, of course...otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.

I'm listening to Beck at the moment. I just enjoy the simplicity of this song, "Jackass". Really rather mellow and just all out relaxing...well, up until this point of the song, but still a small price to pay for everything before.

I wrap my head and my hands around entertainment. Mainly in the form of Video Games, Movies, and Television...Music sometimes as well, currently with Ray Charles and anything from the Swing era. My affinity with Sinatra and the rest of the guys never leaves completely, I just get my fill and come back to them time and again. Keeps it fresh, I guess...but really, it sets a sets me in a mood...and mainly makes me want to belt out a few lyrics and give it my all to come as close as I can to a period of time I'll never experience as it once was.

I can live with that though.

I can live with a lot of things. I can live without a lot of things as well.

I'm currently relationship-less and that's quite all right by me. I'm not searching, I'm not looking, I'm not desperate, and I'm not interested. Course, if a woman can come up to me and have no problem with my lazy ass, game playing, movie watching, reality show loving self, then hey...we should talk.

Then there's that part of living with them. I don't yet know that I am cut out for that. I really....and I cannot stress this enough...I really enjoy my private time. I actually like being alone....a lot. I don't want you over all the time. But yeah, come and hang for awhile...that's cool. Just don't overstay your welcome.

Ben, pay no attention to this. Yer not overstaying, and it doesn't apply cause we damn sure aren't dating.

So, yeah, I figure that alone....well, that with my ability to be completely uninterested in anything else going on will kill all hopes of any relationship. And let me tell you now, that I am not saying this for sympathy, or to say it just to hear myself say it. I'm saying it cause, fuck it...I'm happy with that fact.

Being with someone is good. Being alone is good. My point is...either way it's good. I'll take either.

I tell ya, I'm a lazy bastard. You've really got to understand that...and really comprehend that as well. Lazy as all fuck, folks. I work in radio for christ's sake. Come on. I'll bust my ass when I need to. I'll clean what I can, when it needs to be clean. Fuck, I cleaned the back patio getting it as nice as I could so the pool would look even better. I do what needs to be done and I do it when I feel like it. I don't put off, I get it done, but if I can find a way around it to save me the work, I will. But I won't pay money on something I could do myself. I say that after paying $200 for a company to come clean my pool. Course, had I a digital cam (which I don't anymore), you'd know why I paid that much. I also pay for someone to cut my grass, cause I lack time and a working lawnmower to do the job. That's about it. But yeah, still...I'm lazy.

It's 4 minutes till air time, so I need to wrap this up. And that's a shame cause I'm on such a roll with things and there's more I'd like to go into, but you know...the last time I updated in here, I wanted to go into all that I went into be as lazy as I am, I still get around to what I wanted to get to.

See ya later.
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