AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

The Game Has A Name

It seems to now be called, "Burnout 3: Takedown!".

For a 4 page preview of the game, click here.

There's also footage to download as well. There's tons of info loaded in that preview and make me even more excited about the game. In fact, Noah....go rent Burnout 2: Point Of Impact...actually, you can find it used and new on ebay for like $20. Still, my point is, give it a shot.

The xbox version will be Live enabled as well have the ability for a custom soundtrack. Sadly, as with Burnout and Burnout 2, there is no way to save your replays, which at this point is the only thing missing. I'm just gonna have to figure out a way to burn it all to a disc while I play, load it into an editor and make the most with what I've got.

They have nailed everything they missed in Burnout 2 and folks, that wasn't much to begin with. The crash camera is now seemless. Seriously, watch some of those videos to know what I mean. They improved upon what needed improving and tweaked what needed the tweaking. Other than that, they took what worked and added more, more, and yes, even more.

More crashes in crash mode. 100 crash "junctions". Crash power-ups. Wondering how those work? Watch the video and read the preview. Nuff said.
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