AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Folks...there's a game out right now called "City Of Heroes".

It's massive. There's already about 100,000 subscribers to this Massivly Multiplayer Online game. The game allows you to create your own obviously, this is right up my alley, ya know?

The character creation process could easily take you about 2 hours if you went really in depth with it. Or, you could just hit the random button a gagillion times and still never see a repeating pattern. It's that good.

So, behind the cut are some pictures I have snapped of the game and my character.

Yeah, it's obvious I went the Superman route. No capes in the game yet, but they are planned.

Here's a night time shot:

Now being that this is Online, others can join in the fun. Such is the case with zisforzillah's boo James.

That's him with the mechanical arms.

Like I said, there's about 100,000 people playing this game and at any given time at least 50 of them are hanging out here:

Oh yeah, you couldn't be a Superman rip off without the ability to fly:

See that big Atlas globe behind me and in some of the other shots...well yep..I can fly there too:

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