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The Shit List *1-3*

May I present to you.....

The Shit List

#1. Rosie O'Donnell - I hate this woman. I almost have no idea why. She's very loud on her show, but working in radio I know that people are not who they seem to be on tv or whatever medium they are useing. Thing is, I don't like her. Just wish I had a reason as to why that is.

#2. Kathy Lee Gifford - It's actually somewhat trendy to not like this woman. And at first, I could never see why anyone didn't like her, but then, one day, it just came out. She's got an ego...a big one probably. But something tells me she'd probably be a really good fuck....I dunno...then again, since her husband cheated on her, maybe not.

#3. Jarrod - Seeing this guy on TV gives me the urge to grab a baseball bat and beat the fatness back into his dorky looking ass. He did an interview on the morning show we used to have here at the station and he actually seemed kinda cool, so maybe it's those SubWay ad executives that need to get the baseball bat. Note: Same goes for the fuckers who came up with that stupid fireman ad too. "His name is Henry" or whatever the fuck it was. Bastards.
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