AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

Did you go to your prom? Why/Why Not?

Christ...why can't kids go home at a normal time....why mus they wait till 12 fucking 30. I think most of us spent like an hour or 2 at the actual prom. I was at my prom for lead out and a dance or so, then everyone went to some backwoods bonfire and drank, smoked, and fucked.

Cept me.

On the drinking, smoking, fucking part.

Man does this suck. I gotta be up in a few hours ready for everyone's arrival at 9:45ish for a trip to Birmingham. This really hasn't been a weekend for me. I was up at 7 fucking 30 this morning. Did my broadcast, but then got called to fill in for some sick guy on the air, so I had to do his air-shift from 2 to 5. After that, it was home for a quick change, let Charley out to piss and shit, find my CD's, then leave for the prom.

Man, that DJ company needs to update the fucking music. I had nothing those kids wanted, lucky for me I took some of my mix cds I had made over the course of the year and could slide by a bit. Man, I miss high school.


One thing, and I promise I won't dwell on this, is that I saw a ton of the seniors bringing their parents as escorts. Girl/boy friends came, but during lead out...most took their mother or father. My mom had already passed when my senior prom came. So yeah, enough on that.

There was this one moment though, and at the risk of sounding like boy-scout Sam Beckett (QL reference), she walked up for lead out and it was just her. The crowd did the ol' "aww" thing, which annoyed me. As if she would like your sympathy for the fact she didn't bring a date. Could have been her choice, I dunno. But I rushed up there and stood next to her and walked her down the stage. Dude, I got the biggest fucking applause for that. It felt good, and the applause was cool too, but it just felt good to do good, I guess. To make her smile, and so when she gets her pictures back, she won't be known as the only girl to come down the aisle by herself. It'll be more like, "Oh yeah, she came down with that DJ guy who didn't play the music we asked for." or something like that.

So, yeah, now I should go to bed, but my stomach tells me otherwise. I need to eat something before I lay me down to sleep.

By the way, Dana...Ben...Kim, slap the shit out of me or whatever, but keep my ass awake while I am driving us all up there tomorrow. Andrew W.K. should keep me going though.

::EDIT:: I went to the bedroom to get undressed and slap on my robe and find something to eat. For background noise I turn on the history channel and it's the documentary on the men of Easy Company from "Band Of Brothers" called "We Stand Alone Together". Fuck, now I am transfixed and have no hope of leaving the bedroom before I fall asleep. Oh well, not like I need to eat.
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