AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote,

To all those who voted for Kill Bill Vol. 2...

I thank you.

That was a damn fine film I saw tonight. Nothing earth shattering or anything like that, but just a good piece of cinema. But jesus fuck most of the tards who go and see this will be looking for blood spray and action....and because they don't get as much or more as they did in the first film, they will walk away saying the first was better.

In all honesty, I don't wanna compare the two as they are meant to be taken as a whole, but if I had to...I'd go with Vol. 2 being the better film all around. However, if you want your blood and action, stick with 1.

If you get the chance, try watching Vol. 1 just before you head out to see Vol. 2. I'm not saying it'll make the film any better....I mean, it's a hell of a film even after 6 months goes by since I saw the first...but it'll probably feel a lot more complete.

Look for the cameo at the beginning. Nice touch and the guy's not hard to spot at all.

This film probably had double...or maybe even 5 times the dialogue of the first film. Lot of story to tell here and I liked the way it was told.

Will I buy it on DVD? Yes.

Will I see it again? I dunno. Probably.

Was it worth passing up a good night's sleep even though I am sick? Uh well....probably not.

Also, apparently there is a film that I have been passing up the opportunity to see. It's been out for a while, but from the looks of the trailers in front of Vol.2, it seems QT is going to release it here in the states. I'd been told to see this film. I'd been told many times to see this film. I need to start listening. That film is called "Hero".

Oh yeah, one other thing: Daryl Hannah is hot as fuck in this film, just as she was in the first one...only more so cause we see more of her. I dunno if it's the eye patch thing or the suit thing, but fuck...she's hot.
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